Congratulations on your employment with Northampton County Schools and welcome to our family. Please complete the following forms, print them and bring them with you to Human Resources before your scheduled start date. All the forms can be typed in except the NC-4 Tax Form.

    Release of Information Form: Complete the attached form and submit. 

    Health Certificate: This form is to be completed by your physician. Completion of this form is required before starting or within 30 days after your hire date.

    Employee’s Aggregate Record of North Carolina Service: List only employment you have had as an employee with the state of North Carolina, ending with your position in this school district.

    Transfer of Credit.PDF: (Use only if coming from another School System in North Carolina) 

    Demographic Data Form: Basic Employee Information

    Employment Eligibility Form I-9: Complete Section 1 - Employee Information and Verification

    Direct Deposit Form: Attach a voided check to the bottom of the form or have a letter from your bank with the bank's router number and your checking or saving's account number.

    Vision Plan

    Dental Plan

    Health Insurance: Northampton County Schools participates in the E-Enrollment Plan with the State Health Insurance. Once you start and complete the rest of your paperwork you have to log on and ENROLL in the Health Insurance Program. You must log-in to enroll within two days to ensure that you have the correct plan and coverage. If not you would have to wait until open enrollment. In addition to completing the forms listed above, please bring the following items with you to Human Resources:

    1. Two forms of identification, e.g., social security card and driver's license.
    2. Selective Service Registration Card (males 26 years of age or younger only). If you cannot locate your card, call the Selective Service Office (1-847-688-6888) and request a duplicate.

    12 MONTH Installment Form

    W-4 Form