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    To reserve a District Activity Bus, please fill out the following form:
    Request for Use of District Activity Bus

    The Northampton County Board of Education is concerned for the safety of all students while being transported either on a regular school bus or an activity bus.  Activity buses are used to transport students on school sponsored field trips away from school, athletic events, and scholastic reward programs, etc.    Activity bus drivers must also meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to drive for Northampton County Schools.  Regulations, procedures and administrative guidelines are in place to handle the operations of the activity buses in Northampton County.

    Northampton County Schools currently has six activity buses.  There is an activity bus at each middle school and each high school for their use and two activity buses remain at the bus garage to be scheduled for use by any of the schools.

    All school bus rules apply to activity buses with the following exceptions:  an activity bus cannot make a passenger stop.  The maximum speed limit for an activity bus is 55 mph.  Do not exceed capacity.  Supervisors on activity buses will use their judgment as to whether to allow eating or drinking on the bus.

    If eating and drinking is allowed all trash must be disposed of before the activity bus is returned to the school or garage where it was picked up.  If a activity bus is returned unclean it is possible that the school using such bus will receive a clean-up fee of $40.00 or further use of said bus may be prohibited.  This decision is made by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent in charge of Transportation.

    If an activity bus is picked up from a middle or high school it is important to notice the fuel gauge.  If fuel is needed arrangements must be made to go by the bus garage for fueling.

    All paperwork must be filled out and approved by necessary parties before an activity bus can be picked up.  

    The following guidelines apply:  

    Administrative Guidelines

    Schools that have Activity Buses and Vans assigned to them

    1. “Northampton County Schools Use of Van and Activity Bus Regulations” are to be followed.

    A. Pay special attention to regulation #2.  This is required for insurance coverage.

    B. Pay special attention to Procedure #1.  The principal’s or director’s signature is verification that regulations will be followed and the school or department will pay for use of the vehicle.

    C. Regulation #3 and Procedure #6 are also an important part of the process.

    2. When the bus is scheduled to be used, make sure it is posted on the Northampton County Schools home page on the internet.

    A. Failure to post the activity bus schedule on the internet may result in the bus no longer being assigned to your school.

    B. When approving a request for an athletic event with the principal’s approval then you may approve the use of the bus by signing the Director / Supervisor spot.  If the trip is in the (other) category, or for an academic field trip, then you will have to get additional approval from the Superintendent’s office.

    3. All white forms that document each trip and accounts for all miles must be completely filled out and turned in on or before the twenty-eighth day of each month.

    A. If the use forms aren’t turned in documenting each use of the bus, then the school that the bus is assigned to could be charged for all mileage and may result in the bus no longer being assigned to your school.

    B.   Cleaning the vehicle following a trip is the responsibility of the group that used it.              

    It is understood that if your school or department uses the bus and it is returned dirty, then if you charge, you are simply charging your own school. Nevertheless, the bus must be kept clean.  You can (in-house) charge the group that returned the bus dirty or just have a plan in place to keep the bus clean.  If at any time a bus is inspected and found dirty your school will be charged.

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