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  • School counseling is an important part of the school curriculum. Guidance refers to the communication of facts and information needed by all students at various points in time for important decisions to be made. Counseling refers to the process of helping students prevent and solve a variety of problems that could be educational, personal, social or career related. Counselors and Career Development Coordinators help individual students to define personal career goals and to select appropriate courses to meet those goals.

    Part of this process may involve the student and counselor together identifying the student’s ability and interests in relation to the school’s total curricular and extracurricular opportunities. It also will involve the counselor clarifying with the student his/her progress made toward promotion, graduation, and/or meeting college admission requirements.

    Throughout the counseling process, the emphasis is placed on the student accepting responsibility for his/her present situation, generating alternative action plans and making responsible decisions.

    Counselors also have the responsibility along with teachers, of making students aware of special opportunities and programs such as Upward Bound, Summer Ventures in Science and Math, Governor’s School, and many other types of academic enrichment programs and college scholarship opportunities.

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