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4th Graders travel to Lakeland Cultural Arts Center

Ms. Dougherty and Ms. Wood's 4th graders will be taking a field trip to the Lakeland Cultural Arts Center in Littleton, NC to see Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart, a play inspired by Jackie Robinson's courage and grit in a time of unfair segregation in America.
A Game Apart provides a glimpse of Jackie Robinson’s life during a bygone era of separate and unequal locker rooms, of whites only hotels, and of restaurants with only a back door for black athletes to enter. Witness the experiences of a star player who was showered with praise on the field but who became a second-hand citizen when he walked off the diamond. Meet Jackie’s compatriots fighting the same battles between the end zones, inside the ring and around the track. A Game Apart is a powerful lesson of courage through dedication, perseverance and leadership. Leadership that changed America.