Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rivera

Greetings Husky Pup Family,

My name is Ms. Rivera. This is my 2nd year at Gaston Elementary, with a total of 16 years in Education K-6.  Our team is highly collaborative and we provide the appropriate supports for our scholars.  I love hiking, finding difficult activity-based obstacle courses for my family to engage in, parasailing, indoor skydiving, and taking care of my family.  Received my Bachelor's in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Received my Masters in Education, majoring in K-6.  I will be working on my Doctorate this year, and I am so excited!  I believe in teaching from the heart and being a leader to my students. I want to show them that, teaching them brings me joy to my role. Being able to be the leader they look up to, who believes in their educational journey. No matter the journey or obstacle that comes along, I want my students to strive for their future by being that influence in their life